Google is baking machine learning into its BigQuery data warehouse


There are still a lot of obstacles to building machine learning models and one of those is that in order to build those models, developers often have to move a lot of data back and forth between their data warehouses and wherever they are building their models. Google is now making this part of the process a bit easier for the developers and data scientists in its ecosystem with BigQuery ML, a new feature of its BigQuery data warehouse, by building some machine learning functionality right into BigQuery.

Using BigQuery ML, developers can build models using linear and logistical regression right inside their data warehouse without having to transfer data back and forth as they build and fine-tune their models. And all they have to do to build these models and get predictions is to write a bit of SQL.

Moving data doesn’t sound like it should be a big issue, but developers often spend a lot of their time on this kind of grunt work — time that would be better spent on actually working on their models.

BigQuery ML also promises to make it easier to build these models, even for developers who don’t have a lot of experience with machine learning. To get started, developers can use what’s basically a variant of standard SQL to say what kind of model they are trying to build and what the input data is supposed to be. From there, BigQuery ML then builds the model and allows developers to almost immediately generate predictions based on it. And they won’t even have to write any code in R or Python.

These new features are now available in beta.

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